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Jan Koum Mobile Number,Contact Address,Email id

Jan Koum Mobile Number,Contact Address,Email id | Jan Koum Whatsapp Number,House Address,Facebook,Twitter

Jan Koum personal detail,phone number,email id,whatsapp number,Facebook page,twitter account,youtube|Jan Koum career detail,house address
Jan Koum is an American Internet entrepreneur and computer engineer.he is the CEO and Co founder of whatsapp with Brian Action in February 2014 for US$19 Billion.he was born on 24 February 1976 in Ukrainian SSR Soviet Union..Koum was born to Ukrainian parents in a small village outside Kiev. His mother was a housewife and his father was a construction manager involved in building hospitals and schools.he was completed her education from University of California.Koum was not particularly fond of school but he got interested in computer programming.he taught himself the subject.he became a part of the hacker group woowoo on the Efnet Internet relay chat network.Koum admitted himself to San Jose State University and moonlighted at Ernst & Young, where he worked as a security tester.after he have founded Whatsapp apps.his occupation is CEO of Whatsapp and managing director in Facebook.he entered the Forbes list 400 Richest person of America at position 62 with an estimated worth of more than seven and half Billion dollars.he was the highest ranked newcomer to the list that year.he is very most Intelligent person and Talented Richest person of America.
Jan Koum social detail –
Jan Koum phone number – NA
Jan Koum whatsapp number – NA
Jan Koum email id – jan@whatsapp.com
Jan Koum Facebook page – www.facebook.com/JanKoum
Jan Koum twitter account – www.twitter.com/@JanKoum
Jan Koum youtube link – www.youtube.com/Jan Koum
Jan Koum house address – Ukrainian SSR,Soviet Union,United States.
Jan Koum website link – www.whatsapp.com

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  1. good afternoon my name is Andrew Tuson
    please tell me whats happening with whats app and facebook they
    said it was a hoax do you think it is or not